YEA Team At YEA Backyard Game Summer May 30 2020Learn Scottish Highland Games Events to include:

  • how to throw a caber, aka how to turn a caber
  • how to throw braemar stone and open stone
  • how to throw light and heavy Scottish hammer
  • how to throw weight over bar
  • how to do the sheaf toss

Learn Scottish Highland Games Events Online By Your Exercise Adventures(YEA) All Instruction Will Be Conducted Online:

  • with videos on demand that break down every part of the throw
  • livestreaming 2way group sessions in a "show" and tell format
  • when you know the basics, you can participate in livestreaming 2way group practices (or in-person practices if in the Denver Metro area)
  • video analysis of your submitted practice videos
  • and private instructional sessions in the Throw Level.

Live In-Person Practice For YEA Team AthletesAll Instruction Will Include:

  • work flows created from event specific exercises
  • footwork drills & unique movement patterns for the safe execution of the 9 events
  • game rules and etiquette
  • surviving and thriving on game day.

Learn Scottish Highland Games Events with our livestreaming video sessionsWhat will You Need For The Online Instruction To Work Properly?

  • internet connection
  • a smartphone or tablet/pad is ideal
  • earbuds are best, so that you can hear instruction when stepping away from the smartphone
  • a tripod is best, although all kinds of support equipment has been used
  • a subscription to this site/app

We review this in detail in the "Prepping" and "On-Boading Session" videos

Learn Scottish Highland Games At A YEA Athletes ClinicYou do NOT have to be Scottish to love, like or learn how to throw or compete in these Game events. Although, you will have to wear a kilt when you compete.

This Sport Is For The Person That Likes:

  • to be and play outside
  • to experience not watch, likes to play not spectate
  • a challenge to both body and mind
  • to compete against themselves and with others.

We Take You Right Where You Are Physically, helping you safely: YEA Backyard Game Fall 101720

  • develop the strength
  • skills
  • balance
  • and timing to compete in the Games

Winter snows do not stop the YEA Team from practicing the highland games throws

where there is a will, there is a way...

We start, continue and finetune your skills year round, making scheduling adjustments for games, holidays, inclement weather and timezone light changes. The "in season" is when competitions are held. There are outlier games, but most games are held in the USA from May until October. The "off season" is when athletes rest, recover, work on strength only and/or compete in other sports activities like powerlifting. The off season is an ideal time to start your training, although this can begin at any time.

When bad weather/timezone changes prevent any of us from being outside, we simply move indoors to:

  • practice shoulder/arm, hip and footwork movement patterns
  • practice technique drills
  • and build event specific strength

Not recommended, but frustration with never ending snowstorms have led us to clear a field prior to a weekend practice...

Learn Scottish Highland Games Events at a practice field near youEven though your instruction will be online, you will still have to try things out and practice.  

We recommend practicing throws outside and working on drills and technique as much as is possible inside.

As with many of the other details, we will go over this with you via the instructional videos.  Until then, review your house inside and out.  Is there a corner of your yard you can reclaim for this?  Is there a driveway or sidewalk you can practice footwork on?  If not, do not worry, we have lots of ideas for you to consider.

Remember, when it comes to this sport, where there is a will, there is a way.  

Learn Scottish Highland Games Events with these implementsWhat Do You Practice With, what equipment is necessary?

In one of the first instructional videos, we will show you how to make inexpensive practice implements. You will want to keep these throughout your throwing life, to use when learning something new, or to dial in a problem area. When you graduate to the Throw Level, you may want to buy the actual competition implements.  We will give you a list of reputable vendors.