Our mission at Your Exercise Adventures(YEA), is tp help our clients choose, customize, complete and celebrate empowering exercise adventures.  One of these adventures is to learn Scottish Highland Games Events, which are taught on this website/app.

All of our adventures train your body for a specific end result.  In this one, we will be teaching you how to safely execute the 9 separate events contested at any Scottish HIghland Games competition.   We know that this will be an exciting, yet do-able challenge for you.  We also hope you push your comfort zone aside by competing at one or many of the games scattered throughout the US and beyond.   

All of our training programs are online, customized for the beginner all the way to conditioned athletes. We literally start where you are!

We are about challenges, overcoming fears & meeting new like minded people, as in crazy, fun people!

Our vision at Your Exercise Adventures(YEA), specifically here at Learn Scottish Highland Games Events, is to:

  1.  Create, develop and constantly improve our training programs so that they are fun, challenging, rewarding and produce results for our community members;
  2.  We like to look for adventures that are on roads less travelled, and feel that the Scottish Highland Games is such an adventure.  To find them, we look to sports, performance art and games with a historical perspective.  We especially like adventures that allow you to explore/try out an element of that sport, art or game casually.  And then, if you are lit on fire with it, we can help you to move into a serious study of it.  We will rely on qualified community members for this instruction, and we also seek out Master Instructors from outside the community.
  3. To constantly improve our adventures, we Invite, listen to and actively consider feedback offered by the stakeholders in our community.  These will include and are not limited to:
      • our community  as well as outside athletes and performers,
      • other coaches/trainers,
      • athletic and artistic directors,
      • associations/venues related to the adventures,
      • vendors,
      • sponsors
      • supporters and family members.

We uphold the following values in all of our efforts:

  • Give and expect a basic level of common courtesy and civility;
  • Respect the experiences and opinions of others;
  • Accept current and future members regardless of race, gender, physical ability, political, religious and socio-economic position.
Life Long Learning:
  • Be “coachable”;
  • Recognize that we can learn from everyone around us;
  • Recognize that Your Exercise Adventures(YEA) & Learn Scottish Highland Games Events are safe zones for experimentation;
  • Be willing to make mistakes and accept others’ mistakes as part of the exercise adventure process.
  • Represent ourselves and the YEA Community with our best efforts;
  • Strive for the success of teammates as well as ourselves;
  • Invest time, energy and resources in those who are willing to invest the same;
  • Develop meaningful relationships with others in YEA Community.

We build our YEA Community holding these values as our guide. These values are not negotiable in the YEA Community by owners, employees or members. By keeping high standards, YEA becomes a place of trust and growth.