To accommodate your request to split payment, you will have 2 totally separate subscriptions with different due dates.  This form is for the new subscription.  Because my software does not allow me to pick a 1st and 3rd week of month, I selected a due date of the 16th of every month for this new one.

As you will see, I have also given you 12 days "free" on this one, making the payment line up with the 16th for this and future recurring payments..

Your existing subscription uses the email, with a username of HighlandGigi, so when you sign up for this new subscription, please use a different email address and different username.

After we get this one set up, I will send you a modification form for your existing subscription that currently renews on the 30th of each month.  The modification will be to change the existing amount due from $67.99 to $83.99.  Then, we should be all set up.

Thank you.  If you have any questions, please text me.  Linda

Please check your spam folder, if you do not see the 2 emails that will be sent to you upon completing the sign up below. Also mark as 'Safe Sender' any emails sent from Not sure how to do this? Check with your email service provider for details. Our thanks in advance.

There are NO refunds, NO contracts, cancel any time.

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