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Review The On-boarding/Site Tour Video

  • Easy access to/use of 2way livestreaming video for group online Intro&Tell -our version of Show&Tell 
  • Easy access to free cloud storage to quickly upload practice videos for markup & analysis

View Instruction Videos:
On Demand - In Your Time, At Your Convenience

Getting Started:

Learn Scottish Highland Games Events with our livestreaming video sessions

  • Prepping/locating your field
  • Prepping your practice implements
  • Prepping you, the athlete
  • Game/Field etiquette & rules

Basics For Each Of The 9 Events:

  • Movement pattern for each event
  • Specifically the standing throw positions
  • Event specific drills for footwork, hips, shoulders, hands, torso
  • Event specific exercises to lock in movement & build strength
  • Adjusting each throw to fit your unique body shape, size & old injuries

Instruction Videos will be posted after completion of that specific Info, Throw and Pro&Tell Session

1 Hr Intro&Tell Session/Week
This Is An Online Group Session
-our version of Show&Tell

For Members Of This Level Only:

Learn Scottish Highland Games Events with online practice

  • Posted schedule will list Instruction that will be studied/reviewed by Group
  • The Instructional Video for that week will be posted in the On Demand Video Library after this session (9 events rotate through every 6th week, so if you miss one, it will come back around)
  • Each week Intro Level members submit questions for discussion 24 hrs in advance about video/wk
  • These questions will be answered by Coach during session
  • Members can demonstrate their progress on techniques being learned in previous video/wk
  • **demonstrations to be done indoors to "the air only- no throws" during inclement weather & seasonal daylight changes
  • We will review/adjust how you are interpreting the instructional videos, please attend, prepared to participate. These sessions are a safe, non-judgemental place to learn and grow in this sport!
  • Can't make the session?  No worries, within 24 hrs the recording of this Info&Tell session will be available for review by the group for 7 days.  After that it will be removed/archived. 

Video Analysis Of Practice Videos:
Intro Level Members can:

  • Submit 1 practice video/wk to be analyzed & marked up by coach
  • Analyzed video is available for review/discussion in private, secured account within 24 hrs.

YEA Backyard Games
Online &/or In Person:

YEA Team At YEA Backyard Game Summer May 30 2020

  • Scheduled quarterly, dates/times listed on your Intro Level page
  • Game will be used as an Intro Level skills test, satisfactory completion required to move to Throw Level
  • Your training will continue in the Throw Level, which includes learning techniques geared towards competing at a high level.

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1 Hr Private Solo Session - Online Only Available For An Additional Fee of $65.00:
*will include video analysis of athlete trying out any techniques filmed by coach at time of session
schedule 7 days in advance